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Graduation Project

Apr-Jun 2018

Video Designer

Basement Bar, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

The equivalent to a dissertation to our degree, I chose to design and perform an audiovisual piece that was an improvised, symbiotic exploration for both music and video. That is to say, the movement of the music influenced the video and the movement of the video influenced of the music, both live.

My system for this was Resolume Arena 6 creating generative video content. Ableton Live 10 acted as a loop machine and enabled Resolume to be played as a form of "visual instrument". After Effects was added in to create live textures via NDI.

Moving Screens: Ballie

Apr-Jun 2018

Video Designer

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Ballie was an experiment in tracking moving projection screens and creating a design that integrally use the motion. Ballie is a small character who chases a mysterious orb around an ever-shifting space and is constantly surprised by mysterious happenings.

Ballie was built in Autodesk Maya and animated in Cinema 4D. Mapping and tracking were done in Disguise.


Jan - Mar 2018

Associate Video Designer

Creative Lead - Dan Shorten

Associate Video Designer - Andrew Monks

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Tower Bridge

Blackout tells the story of two photographers, PC Arthur Cross and PC Fred Tibbs, who captured the devastation caused by Blitz during World War 2. Exploring the human stories and life in London, the audience are given a tour through the history of these two City of London Police Officers.

Blackout was designed in a combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects. The show was initially programmed on Resolume, but then later on Disguise.

Sep - Oct 2017​

Production Manager

Des. Dan Shorten

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Guildhall Yard

Teaming up with Boy Blue Entertainment, Guildhall School produced a projection and dance piece as part of the celebrations of the Romans in London.

The system we used was comprised of 8 projectors (4x 12K and 4x 16K), controlled and mapped by Resolume Arena 5. This system was split and routed using FX4s. 

Jun - Jul 2017​

Video Designer

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Memetic was an interactive installation exploring the idea of storytelling. Seven orbs arranged around the room, that when touched would play back one of seven segments of a story, although in no particular order. Further development of this project would include retelling of the story by the audience members, to the audience member that followed, to explore how the story would change over generations.

The system used for this was Troikatronix Isadora and Makey Makey. The orbs were coated in electric paint to connect the circuit with the Makey Makey and trigger a reaction.

Terra Incognita: Here Be Dragons

Jan - Feb 2017

Video Engineer

Des. - Dan Shorten

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Tower Bridge

As part of the first series of events in the newly opened Bascule Chamber, we created an experience focused on transforming a space and taking an audience from a familiar to an unknown and hidden one. Centred around the main Bascule, there were a number of installations from video designers, poets, artists and musicians, all exploring the hidden world.


Sep 2016 - Present


Des. Zarah Hussain

Barbican Centre

Winner of Lumen People's Choice award 2017

Working with artist Zarah Hussain, we created an installation for the Barbican Centre foyer. "Numina" was an Islamic geometric design that evolved with time, exploring different colours and shapes within the structure. Continuing on with Zarah, I have created adaptations for the Noisily Festival, and since winning the Lumen People's Choice award, Numina has been to China and Belgium.

The animation was created with a combination of After Effects and Illustrator. The piece was then mapped to the structure using Resolume Arena 5 and Troikatronix Isadora was used to control the start up and shutdown of the system.

Glastonbury 2016

Feb - Jun 2016

Video Engineer/VJ

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Temple Stage, The Common

Working closely with VJ Boxcat, we designed content and acted as house VJs for the Temple Stage, in the Common. During set up we also acted as system technicians, rigging projectors, servers and mapping the stage.

Our system for this show was Resolume Arena 5, running through Avolites Ai, as well as 12x 16K projectors.

Glasgow Commonwealth Games Ceremonies 2014

Jul - Aug 2014

Video Intern

Jack Morton Worldwide

Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Working closely with both JMW and XL Video, I acted as a video intern for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. My role largely focused around assisting install and managing the video log during rehearsals.

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Post Mortem

Aug - Nov 2017

Production Video Engineer

Dir. - Lucy Bailey

Des. - William Dudley

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

A rare production of one of Noel Coward's surprisngly dark vilification of the ruling classes in the aftermath of the first world war. A creative stage and video design by William Dudley saw a large cone covering the stage and projected all round. A challenging and rewarding project creating 3D geometric mapping with Resolume Arena 5, controlled by the ETC Gio lighting desk.


Apr - Jun 2017​

Production Assistant

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Part of Guildhall's Projects season, receiving a series of shows over the course of 6 weeks. Over the duration of the Projects, we installed and ran 3 3rd year student graduation projects: a full scale TV show; a stand up comedy night and a charity fashion show, alongside musical "Siddhartha", Chinese opera "The Wager" and fundraiser "Take to the Stage".

Mascherato! In Concert

Oct 2016 - Apr 2017​

Video Designer

Dir. Michael Elderkin

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

A full scale musical, written by, produced by and starring only students. "Mascherato!" is a musical written and directed by Michael Elderkin. The stage design was formed of the large flown elements of a clocktower, each projection mapped and content based in love and magic and war.

Digital Storytelling

Feb - Mar 2017

Production Manager

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

A joint venture between Guildhall's first year Video Design and Acting students. Teamed up in groups, each produced a short story with a symbiotic integration between the acting and projection, key to the stories' telling.

As production manager, I co-ordinated between the groups and took lead on the rig and system design.

Balm in Gilead

Feb - Mar 2017

Video Programmer

Video Des. - K. Yoland

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Sinbad The Sailor

Nov 2016

Video Programmer

Dir. Kerry Michael

Video Des. Pete Bishop

Theatre Royal Stratford East

Love N' Stuff

Jun 2016

Video Programmer

Dir. Kerry Michael

Theatre Royal Stratford East

Jun - Aug 2016

Cameras/Video Editor

Dir. Pierre Elliott

Americana: In Concert

Mar 2016

Video Designer

Dir. Matthew Reynolds

Hungry Bitches Productions

Theatre Royal Stratford East

May - Jun 2015

Video Designer

Dir. Garry Robson

Birds of Paradise Theatre

Scottish Tour

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Edinburgh University Students' Union

Oct 2010 - Aug 2015

Technician, Senior Technician

Entertainments & Events Department

Finix Productions

Jul 2014 - Dec 2015

Freelance Event Technician

Black Light

Jun 2012 - Aug 2015

Freelance Warehouse Crew


Jul 2012 - Jun 2016

Freelance Crew

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